Scion Lives On: Owners [Video] 29 September 2016, 9:00 am

Throughout Scion’s history, the vehicles we designed and offered to our consumers, as different as they were (and still are), is what united us all together. The freedom to express our individuality through personalization has always been one of our strongest assets, whether it’s through full blown aero work or a 2JZ-powered drift car, there’s no stopping the imagination of Scion owners.

For our guest collaborators, customization was also a way to show off personality: For example, DJ/Producer, Steve Aoki tricked out a FR-S with a mobile DJ system; and Super Street’s editorial team has built several FR-S vehicles over the years as well, taking the latest styling trends as a source of inspiration.

Scion owners certainly have a strong sense of community that go beyond customizing their cars. We are a family that can bond outside of cars at special charity events, art installations and music/lifestyle events. We are united by passion and most importantly of all, by love.

As Scion makes the transition to Toyota, you can continue showing your love for our family by purchasing three vehicles that made the switch, which includes the Yaris iA, Corolla iM and the 86. Learn more info by visiting

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